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Project Management

Was Never Been So Easy Before

Eyenak ensures you do your job and achieve your goals in a quick and orderly way without clutter, no matter where you are. We give you an innovative way to organize your team and distribute tasks remotely.

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Collect your team effortlessly. Create projects and share them with employees quickly, vision and 100% clarity.

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Customizing your tasks will be clear. Treat your workflow with ease, and be accountable to others to increase your work performance.

Project progression tracking

Time Tracking

Features dedicated to managing your time and team time in an orderly manner, creating clear insights into the direction of business.

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Manage your project in a modern way

Start by creating your projects and clearly deploying tasks among employees, to increase productivity and ensure success.

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Follow-up on progress of work

Make sure your project is being done correctly by reviewing staff and project stats.

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Design your own company print.

Choose your favorite design with the logo and color that suits you, to combine it with messages before sending them to employees.

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EyeNak project management app is a great application helping to streamline workflow for my team. We are using EyeNak project management software to take in requests from clients and directly assign tasks to the employees where employees have to work based on the statuses of the projects and tasks. I personally liked the Dashboard of the EyeNak system where I can easily check all my projects, tasks and employee’s performance report very quickly. Thank you, EyeNak, for making the day-to-day business struggle a little easier.

Leanne Graham

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7 advantages that the Eyenak platform gives to your employees

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How can the business team communicate effectively through Eyenak?

How to communicate with the work team accurately and clearly with the Eyenak platform


How to get rid of the habit of procrastination and get things done faster?

Here are some tips on how to change the way you think and behave to stop procrastinating at work.

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