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Meeting & Video Calling, Finance, HR Management, and Project Management

Eyenak Meeting

Revolutionize your team collaboration with our seamless meeting app.

Finance Management

An online accounting application for small and large businesses.

HR Management

Streamline your hiring process with our all-in-one HR app

Project Management

Collaborate, organize, and succeed with our project-management tool.

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Saudi government Eyenak project management customer
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Eyenak Features

Eyenak Meeting

Enhance Collaboration with Seamless Video Conferencing and File Sharing.

HR Management

Streamline Your Recruitment Process with Our Advanced HR Management Solutions

Finance Management

Secure Your Financial Data with Our Robust Security Features.

Project Management

Automate Task Assignments and Workflow Approvals for Efficiency.

Eyenak Client

Boost Client Satisfaction with Personalized Service and Support.

Eyenak Cafe

Streamline Inventory Control and Ordering Processes for Greater Efficiency.

Elevate Your Performance with Our Enhanced Features!

Control everything in one Tool

Planning, tracking and delivering your team’s best work has never been easier

Widgets view

Eyenak Widgets view makes it easy to find anything you’re looking for, no matter where it lives in the Hierarchy. It’s your birds-eye view for all tasks across every level of your organization that can be filtered, sorted, and saved for any need.

Allows tasks and items to be filtered based on various criteria to match specific needs.

Users can save customized views tailored to their specific requirements for quick access.

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Build your workspace

'Start by choosing a template that best fits your work system, whether you're in design, project management, sales, or any other field. Our templates are thoughtfully designed to cater to awide range of professional needs, providing a robust foundation for your work environment.

Available templates cover various fields including design, project management, sales, and more.

Provides a solid foundation for setting up and organizing your work environment.

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Find your suitable view modes

Kanban, Calendar, Timeline, Gantt, map, form, workload, and main views transform your data so you can see it the way you want to - from colorful and complex

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Download the Eyenak Meeting App for an unparalleled experience! Enjoy advanced features like seamless video conferencing, and interactive whiteboards.

Available on both Android and Apple devices.


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