Seamless video calling & sharing

Experience crystal-clear communication with our high-quality video call services. Streamline your everyday communication with Eyenak Clips, included with a Eyenak Workplace plan.


Instant meetings and Scheduling and more

Online Meetings are

Just One Click

Seamlessly transition from anywhere to a virtual meeting room with a single click. Our intuitive platform ensures that connecting with colleagues or clients is as simple as a mouse tap



Streamline scheduling effortlessly organizes your agenda, ensuring every minute counts. Say goodbye to the headache of coordinating conflicting appointments with our efficient system.

Connect From


Break down barriers and bridge distances effortlessly, ensuring collaboration knows no bounds. Whether you're in the office, at home, or on the go, our platform ensures you're always plugged in.

Analyze your


Dive deep into the nuances of your creativity with precision and insight. Our whiteboard tools offer a comprehensive platform to analyze and refine your creative process.

Eyenak Meeting Workplace

Welcome to Eyenak Meeting Workplace!

A collaborative workspace fostering creativity and innovation. Join our vibrant community today and unlock endless opportunities for growth. Let's thrive together!

Get the full Eyenak Meeting Workplace experience with our offerings.

Video conferencing built for modern work

Improve meeting outcomes

Increase meeting effectiveness with modern collaboration solutions and seamless workflows

Work from anywhere

Communicate and collaborate effortlessly across locations and devices

Seamless audio

Eyenak's proprietary algorithms ensure consistent high-quality audio, even under very challenging network conditions.


Streamline meeting workflows

Eyenak Meeting optimizes meetings with centralized scheduling, automated agendas, note-taking integration, and virtual platforms, ensuring efficient collaboration and follow-up.

Centralized scheduling tools to coordinate meetings efficiently.

Automated agenda distribution to ensure participants are prepared.

Integrated note-taking and action item tracking for seamless follow-up.

Utilization of virtual platforms for remote participation and streamlined communication.

Enhance collaboration, boost efficiency,Increase productivity

Leverage collaboration, efficiency tools, cross-functional projects for heightened productivity.

Easily manage your day with integrated chat, calendar and scheduler

Implement collaborative tools for real-time communication and sharing document

Convey your message more clearly with screen sharing

Encourage a culture of open feedback and knowledge sharing.


Collaborate across hybrid teams

Maximize hybrid team collaboration through digital tools and inclusive practices.

Utilize digital collaboration platforms for seamless communication and project management.

Take your meetings on the go with our mobile app

Implement flexible scheduling to accommodate diverse time zones and work preferences.

Foster a culture of inclusivity and transparency to bridge physical and virtual divides.


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Video Chat API Features

Reliable video quality

Reliable video quality ensures consistent clarity and sharpness, providing viewers with an immersive and enjoyable visual experience.

Multi-track video

Multi-track video refers to content that contains multiple audio or visual tracks, offering viewers a customizable viewing experience.

Add-ons and extensions

Add-ons and extensions are additional software components designed to enhance the functionality of existing applications.

Whiteboard Facility

It simulates the traditional whiteboard experience in a digital environment, allowing multiple participants to draw, write, and annotate in real-time.

Screen sharing and collaboration

Screen sharing and collaboration tools empower individuals and teams to seamlessly share their computer screens with others.

Global scalability

Global scalability refers to the ability of a product, or system to expand its reach and adapt to diverse audiences worldwide.

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