Get the most of your work with Eyenak Industry-Leading Features

Make the most of your business with Eyenak, the leading industry

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Everything at once

Adapt tools to each team

Eyenak is developed to provide all teams with precise tools. Adjust dashboards, workflows, request forms, etc.

Enabling better cooperation

Instantly share files, functions, and reports. Reduce feedback with visual inspection and automated approval systems.

Manage your business

Eliminate department-wide silos with incomparable visibility. Find information fast and make real-time decisions.

Eyenak is a part of your Success

Eyenak offers the tools for future growth that your teams require. Set up your teams and introduce best practices throughout your organisation.  

You can do it with eyenak whatever you do

Make the most of your business with Eyenak, the leading industry


Plan out roadmaps, product development, bug tracking, Agile projects, and more

Development Use Case


Projects, campaigns, clients, and more can all be managed in one spot.

Marketing Use Case

Project Management

Projects, campaigns, clients, and more can all be managed in one spot.

Project Management Use Case


Organize your lesson ideas, keep tabs on student progress, and stay on top of your class schedule.

Education Use Case


With all-in-one design management, you can streamline your design process, communicate comments…and make the most of your team’s resources.

Design Use Case

Event Planing

Plan events in detail, from beginning to end, in one spot

Event Planing Use Case


Make a budget, keep track of your expenditures, and achieve your financial objectives.

Finance Use Case


Everything you need to manage from lead tracking, deals, and customer onboarding is all in one spot.

Sales Use Case


Business processes, and team resources are all under your control.

Business Use Case


Save time and get more done in one spot through the management of all your everyday activities and projects.

personal Use Case


Manage your donations, campaigns, and budgets to grow your nonprofit more efficiently.

Nonprofit Use Case

Human Resources

Manage onboarding for employees, HR documentation, performance tracking and more.

Human Resources Use Case

Widgets view

Eyenak Widgets view makes it easy to find anything you’re looking for, no matter where it lives in the Hierarchy. It’s your birds-eye view for all tasks across every level of your organization that can be filtered, sorted, and saved for any need.

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Projects , Boards & Tasks

Break down tasks into Lists and organise projects and departments into Teams and Boards.Effortlessly track and manage outstanding tasks, set deadlines, and receive timely reminders. Boost productivity and ensure nothing falls through the cracks with our efficient task management tool.

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Customizable Board

Customize your task management to meet your specific needs.Create columns that represent different stages of your workflow (e.g., To-Do, In Progress, Completed) or any other categorization that suits your project.

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Complex projects & Sub tasks

Break down complex projects into tiers of subtasks to make them easier to manage.Monitor the progress of both tasks and subtasks with visual indicators to see at a glance what’s completed, in progress, or pending.

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Customize your profile look & Feel

Completely Control your company print, choose your favorite design with the logo and color that suits you.Add, remove, or rearrange widgets on your dashboard to display the information most relevant to you.

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